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Local topography and layout of the site

Kalasu site is located at 74.8 degrees east longitude and 38.15 degrees north latitude, the east edge of the pamirs, with an elevation of about 4500 meters.

Observation process

2005.04-05:Infrastructure construction

2005.07-2006.12:Uninterrupted monitoring

2007.01-12:Continued moitoring

Mornitoring equipment

Research results

1. Wind speed: The mean value is 5.8m/s,smaller at night. It changes complex in the whole year, the westerly winds predominate and less southeaster, the maximum value is 23.3m/s in winter, equivalent to Paranal's situation(median value 6.6m/s, maximum value 47.2 m/s).

2. Atmospheric temperature: The temperature presents plateau climate characteristics, changes from -26.1 to 19.0 cetigrade. The mean value is -4.39 centigrade, and the median value is -3.6 cetigrade, (Paranal's temperature ranges from -8 to 25 cetigrade in 1985-1990).

3. Atmospheric pressure: The mean value is 590.0hPa,changes from 572.2hPa to 601.0hPa.

4. Relative humidity: the median value is 54%,the minimum value is 6%, greater than 5~20% of Paranal and the value of Oma,but the temperature is lower than the temperature of the Paranal and Oma as a whole.

5. Sky brightness: up to 22.0 mag arcsec-2 in the clear night without the Moon.

6. Precipitable water vapor(PWV): The PWV value is greater in the summer than that in the winter, also greater in the daytime than that in the nighttime. The mean value of PWV is 5.3mm in 2005 and 1.8mm in 2006, less than 1mm from December to February next year, it's better than LaSilla and simillar to Paranal.

7. Seeing: the typical value is from 0.8 to 0.9 arc-second,equivalent to LaSilla/Paranal,while the observational data is not enough and the processing of the data need improve.

Update: 2014-01-22

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