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AutoDimm :


25cm Telescopes for DIMM

AutoDIMM(Automatic Differential Image Motion Monitor) seeing monitor.

Parameters of AutoDIMM
Aperture of Telescope
25 cm
Focal ratio of Telescope
5 cm
apartment of subaperture
20 cm
CCD pixel scale
7.4×7.4 μm
Spatial Resolution
0.61 arcsec/pixel

Boltwood Cloud Sensor II and Sky Quality Meter :

Boltwood Cloud Sensor II(left) and Sky Quality Meter(right)

Boltwood Cloud Sensor II for Fixed Observatories, and monitoring weather conditions. The "Sky Quality Meter" is used to measure the brightness of the night sky.

Allsky 340 Camera :

The allsky-340-camera

The AllSky cameras for monitoring weather conditions, and for estimating the cloud cover.

Weather Station (CAWS600) :


CAWS600 from two perspectives

The weather station for monitoring weather conditions, and recording meteorologic parameters, including precipitation, tempreture, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, earth tempreture and net radiation.

Scidar :

The Single Star Scidar system(SSS)

SCIDAR (SCIntillation Detection And Ranging) for measuring the strength of the turbulence.

Parameters of Scidar
Aperture of Telescope
40 cm
0 ~ 30 km
Temporal Resolution
12 s
Spatial Resolution
500 m


Update: 2014-01-22

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