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1. Site team of National Astronomical Observatory of Japan(NAOJ):

  • Cloud cover detected by infrared cloudiness monotor.
  • The tuibulence of the surface layer monitored by Cn2 sysstem.
  • Join the site survey of the western China several times.
  • Will build a new robotic three colours simultaneous imager, HinOTORI

2. Taiwan University and National Central University

  • To carry on the narrow band line survey, one small telescope array is planed to constructed in Karasu, the dome for the array had been set up.
  • For the satellite communications between the Oma site and Beijing office, the satellite antenna had been contructed, the 3.7m antenna in NAOC and the 4.5m one in Oma site, respectively.
  • Constructed the 25KW solar power supply and one 4m dome, and plan to carry out the emission line survey.

3. Université de Nice (Sophia-Antipolis):

In November 2004, the site group of NAOC joined the international site survey of OHF in Frence. In November 2009, Vernin visited the NAOC and confirmed the three aspects of the cooperation:

  • Development of the single star SCIDAR;
  • Study of seeing prediction;
  • The study of automatic photometer.
Update: 2014-01-22

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